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Genever 100ml

Genever 100ml

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Canada’s first Genever celebrates a recipe dating back to the early 1600’s when the Dutch East India fleet roamed the seas in search of exotic spices.

Made from local malted barley and infused with more than 20 rare botanicals; from mugwort to wormwood, horehound to blessed thistle. Our 'Dutch Courage' is unique, complex, and a DEVINE must-try.

The Genever aroma is clean with an equal blend of herbal, floral, medicinal, and citrus. Slightly sweet and not unlike an un-aged Scotch.

De Vine Spirits License #306321


  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2021 - Bronze with Distinction & Merit in Terroir
  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2020 - Bronze
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 - Best in Class, Double Gold
  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2019 - Silver with Distinction
  • Sip Awards 2018 - Gold
  • New York International Spirit Competition 2018 - Silver
  • Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 2018 - Silver
  • NorthWest Wine Summit 2016 - Silver