Green Eyed Assassin

Level of Complexity: Cocktail Connoisseur

This savoury + fruity cocktail is a celebration of summer. Cilantro and pineapple are a classic pairing and a killer of a combo. The Maraschino adds a necessary sweetness. If you like the idea of a herbaceous, mildly fruity, dirty Gin martini then give the Green-eyed assassin a try.


  • 2 oz Cilantro-infused DEVINE Genever Gin*
  • 1 oz DEVINE Moderna Vermouth
  • 1/6 Pipet of Betters Bitters Pineapple Anise bitters
  • Bar spoon of maraschino liqueur
  • Spiced sweet picked onions**


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, top with ice, and stir for ten seconds. pour into a two-ounce coupe glass and pour the remaining drink into a mini crage and place over crushed ice to keep chilled. Garnish with two onions or more if you love the pickle. This is essentially a three-ounce cocktail served up (more once diluted), so it's nice to keep some back on ice so you can enjoy the whole cocktail chilled and top up your glass when you're ready.

*Cilantro-infused Genever Gin

  • 325ml DEVINE Genever Gin
  • 1 bunch of fresh cilantro


Place DEVINE's Genever Gin and cilantro in a jar that fits both, make sure the cilantro is fully submerged. Pop a lid on and leave on the countertop for up to 12 hours to infuse. Taste every few hours. You want to taste the cilantro, but you don't want it to take over the subtleties of the gin. Strain the cilantro and store the infused gin in a jar or air tight bottle in the fridge. It should be a bright vibrant green colour.

**Spiced sweet picked onions 


  • 200g cooked baby onions
  • 1/2 litre malt vinegar
  • 100g cane sugar
  • 1 tsp Chinese 5 spice
  • Healthy pinch mustard seed
  • Healthy pinch coriander seed
  • Pinch of salt


Pop everything except the onions into a pot and heat to dissolve but do not boil. Put the onions in a jar and pour the pickling liquid over the onions. Make sure they are fully covered. Leave to cool then cover with a lid leaving no air gap. Once opened store in the fridge.

As the onions are cooked they will be ready to eat within a day but they are better off left for a month or two. If you are using raw baby onion or shallots, leave to pickle for at least one month but two or three would be best. They are great in martinis and caesars, and you can even enjoy some with your charcuterie board.