DEVINE has been named Artisanal Distillery of the Year at the 2021 Canadian Whisky Awards!
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About Us

From humble beginnings, DEVINE is a certified craft distillery, producing small batch award winning spirits including whisky, gin, rum and brandy. Our journey began in 2007, when John & Catherine Windsor brought their vision of a small family owned and operated vineyard to life as deVine Vineyards, with our first wine vintage released in 2010. 

Our philosophy is at the heart of what we do.  We produce  good honest spirits made by hand from locally grown ingredients and crafted from the heart. This approach means we get to showcase the local terroir through the incredible ingredients grown in our community. We are passionate about having our hands on every step of the process. Crafting our spirits takes heart, whether it be in the fields with our local farming partners, processing grain, mashing, fermenting, and distilling on site, or applying bottle labels by hand. We are truly connected to our spirits from grain to glass and we taste this connection in every sip.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility remain a core value at DEVINE. We farm our property naturally. This impacts not only our products, but nourishes the earth that we steward. We partner with local farmers and growers to source the majority of our raw ingredients within our community on the Saanich Peninsula. This reduces the environmental impact of transport and supports our local economy. We have integrated water reduction and re-use strategies into our production processes to lessen our overall consumption of water from our onsite well system. Water is life and we respect every drop. Our commitment is to continually evaluate and reduce our impact on the environment.

With each passing season at DEVINE, family, which includes our small team of loyal employees, remains at the heart of our operations. We share an  unwavering passion for celebrating the land, cherishing our community and enjoying good food and drink with the people we love.