Dutch Courage ~ Barrel-Aged Genever 100ml

Dutch Courage ~ Barrel-Aged Genever 100ml

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The Product

Old World Gin meets New World Whisky. Dutch Courage brings together the flavours of our two most awarded and unique spirits.

The Process

We rest our Genever Dutch-Style Gin in once-used Ancient Grains ‘Alternative Whisky’ barrels.

Tasting Notes

The initial botanical forward aromas of wormwood, mugwort and juniper gently give way to vanilla and caramel, melding beautifully on the palate in a warm lingering finish.

How to Sip

Dutch Courage makes a fantastic base for your Negroni, Martinez, or a Sunsets and Beach Fires. Try this local spin on the classic Manhattan.

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Recent Awards

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2021 - Silver & Merit in Terroir

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020- Silver