Sunsets and Beach Fires

Level of Complexity: Home Bartender Friendly

Sit back and enjoy the fall sunset with this super savoury and herbaceous west coast negroni riff. 


  • 1oz  Dutch Courage 

  • 1oz  Moderna Vermouth  

  • 0.5oz  Woods Spirit Co Amaro

  • Bar spoon of turbinado simple syrup

  • Fresh Rosemary for smoking 

  • Grapefruit peel

Quick fix: Sub the Moderna Vermouth + turbinado simple syrup for Esquimalt Wine Company Rosso Vermouth or your favourite sweet vermouth.


    Add all the wet ingredients to a chilled mixing glass and top with ice.  Before stirring, burn two sprigs of fresh Rosemary on a slate and place a second rocks glass over the burning rosemary.  While the glass fills with smoke, stir the cocktail for ten seconds.  Take the glass and place a large ice cube (preferably clear) in it and strain the cocktail in to the smoke filled glass.  Express with grapefruit peel and place in the glass.