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2022 Canadian Artisan Spirit of Year: Ancient Grains!

Moderna Vermouth 375ml

Moderna Vermouth 375ml

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This modern take on the original Turin, Italy Vermouth combines Vancouver Island white wine with our own craft spirit. Aromatized with more than 30 different botanicals. A useful aperitif and a friend of digestion for hundreds of years; enjoyed neat or as a brilliant addition to martinis and cocktails everywhere.

In a single sip one may taste familiar flavours of orange, clove, cardamom, rose, and juniper, or such obscurities as wormwood, gentian, and dittany of crete.

De Vine Vineyards Wine License #303985


  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition - Gold
  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2019 - Gold with Distinction
  • Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2018 - Silver