Honey Shine Amber 100ml

Honey Shine Amber 100ml

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The Product

Deliciously rich, elegantly smooth, warming, spicy, and just a little bit sweet.

The Process

Our classic Honey Shine has become a flagship spirit for us here at DEVINE. Made from 100% local honey; fermented, distilled, and aged on site in once-used casks.

Tasting Notes

Soft caramel notes with a backbone of wood barrel spices. A rich mouthfeel identical to rum, with notes of Bourbon and Cognac. Finishing with a call-back to its namesake, honey.

How to Sip

Try the Polynesian Outlaw cocktail.

Recent Awards

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2019 - Gold with Distinction

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2018 - Gold

NorthWest Wine Summit 2016 - Double Gold

See full list of awards here.