Harvest Moon Solera-Style Brandy

Harvest Moon Solera-Style Brandy

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The legacy of DEVINE, straight from the vine.

A labour of love, 5 years in the making.

Harvest Moon honours our legacy as a vineyard and winery.

Back in 2019, as we made the decision to retire our grape-based Vin Gin and New Tom gins, we embarked on a collaboration with friend and local hospitality professional Shawn Soole for another grape-based project. We set out to produce a BC Brandy like no other, so from that point forward, we used our estate-grown grapes for a Solera-Style Brandy. In a unique twist of fate, we were also able to use the grapes from the last harvest of our Gruner Veltliner vineyard plot as part of the first batch of this spirit to be distilled before we removed those vines in favour of growing grain for our whiskies. Talk about legacy in a bottle…

We filled 2 French Oak wine casks in May 2019, casks that were previously used for our own Pinot Noir and Marachel Foch red wines. And each year since then, our grapes have been harvested and their juice fermented into wine, distilled twice, and then added to the Solera with additional red wine casks, with each harvest adding its character to the blend.


A brandy 5 years in the making produced solely from 100% Sannich Peninsula grown grapes and matured using a Solera method.


Saanich Peninsula grapes are harvested, processed, and fermented into wine before a ‘low and slow’ double distillation in our hybrid copper pot still. The new make spirit is then added to our Solera, blending each year’s vintage into the mix to allow an ongoing evolution of flavours to develop.


Colour: Deep burgundy, cognac, burnt mahogany

Nose: Delicate floral notes, fresh citrus zest, with a touch of anise, reminiscent of the first signs of flowers on the vines on a dewy mid-spring morning. Allowing a few minutes to open up releases a gentle sweetness of caramel, treacle, and even a hint of licorice allsorts.

Palette: The distilled essence of the grapes and herbaceous grape leaf blend beautifully with the delicate florals and gentle sweetness to evoke a late evening walk through the vineyard just before harvest as signs of fall begin to surround you.

Finish: A long, quiet, contemplative finish conjures whispers and images of the legacy of years gone in the vineyard, from planting the vines, to nurturing them to their first harvest, then maturing to produce a bountiful harvest for wine, gin, and now... Brandy. A truly satisfying, warming, embrace that lingers long after the glass is empty. Indulge in the artistry of our Solera Brandy, crafted with care and a devotion to tradition.


Neat. But also fun to mix in a classic Sidecar.