Ancient Grains 'Young Whisky' 100ml

Ancient Grains 'Young Whisky' 100ml

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The Product

"Ancient Grains is 2023's most awarded artisan spirit in the country" (Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition)


What do we mean by ‘Alternative Whisky’? ...Alt Whisky is described as a modern, new world spirit made using alternative grains and techniques and by the whims and desires of the distiller them-self. This ‘whisky spirit’ is guaranteed to be one of the most unique whiskies one has ever laid lips to.

The Process

Distilled from BC barley, spelt, emmer, khorasan and einkorn-the ancestors of all modern grains and then matured in brand new American oak quarter-casks.

Tasting Notes

Notes of candied fruit and macadamia nuts combine with spicy notes of clove, allspice and smoke.

How to Sip

A fantastic sipping whisky, Ancient Grains also holds its own in any whisky-focused cocktail. Try it in one of our signature cocktails here.


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Recent Awards

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2023 - Gold with Distinction, Best in Class & Excellence in Terroir

Canadian Whisky Awards 2023 - Whisky Spirit of the Year, Gold Medal & Excellence in Innovation

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2022 - Spirit of the Year

Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition 2022 - Gold with Distinction, Best in Class & Excellence in Terroir

World Whisky Awards 2022 - Category Winner

Canadian Whisky Awards 2021 - Gold, Best Mixed Mash Whisky, Best Whisky Spirit

See full list of awards here.