Einkorn Whisky Cocktail No.1

Toffee, wildberry and spice - OH MY! The launch of DEVINE's new Einkorn Whisky is a whisky celebration bridging the past to the present. Einkorn is an ancient varietal of wheat called Einkorn, which is in fact THE oldest cultivated grain known to humankind. Sip in this unusual but delicious grain whisky neat, or try in our very first Einkorn Whisky cocktail designed by photographer/bartender extraordinaire, Adam Dewer (@the.secondshot). 

"For me, when first sipping the whisky, my head went straight for dark fruits as a nice pairing to the toffee and spice notes, so a little wildberry brandy felt like a nice fit. Little PX Sherry brought the fruits and toffee together a little more as well as adding some sweetness to the drink Its a nice evening sipper, especially now that the grey sky has come, cozying up on the couch with one of the use is a pretty ideal evening.” ~Adam Dewer


  • 60ml DEVINE Distillery Einkorn Whisky
  • 10ml Yukon Brewing Wildberry Brandy
  • 10ml PX Sherry
  • 4 Drops Chocolate Spice Bitters 


Build all ingredients into a mixing glass full of ice then stir until desired dilution. Pour into a rocks glass over a nice big clear cube. Garnish with orange peel twist.