The Brandy Project

The history of brandy making at DEVINE runs deep into our roots and has always been inspired by the fruit that grows on our own or nearby lands. Since our first distillation run in 2014, our still has been at the heart of many small batch brandy releases such as Pomme Apple Brandy, Poire Pear Brandy, Black Ram Blackberry Brandy, Slivovitz Plum Brandy and of course our beloved seasonal release of KISS Strawberry Eau de Vie!

Our history of brandy continues, with something that has years in the making. In 2019 DEVINE embarked on a new project in collaboration with Soole Hospitality Concepts, to produce a BC take on a Solera-style brandy. This project pays homage to our own 'grape' legacy, cementing our very roots in a brandy we look forward to releasing in the years to come. 

Sean Soole (Soole Hospitality Concepts) & DEVINE's Head Distiller Kevin Titcomb

In May of 2019 our newest Brandy Project began when we filled our first two french oak barrels (which we call our "mother barrels") with spirit made from locally grown grapes from the 2018 season, including the final season of our own estate-grown Grüner Veltliner. As each year passes, spirit from the two mother barrels is transferred to fill a new single barrel, adding another barrel to the Solera but more importantly adding to the story of the maturation of the spirit in an incredibly unique way.

As this project continues to mature, as any good brandy does with time, stay tuned for more in-depth information and announcements on its official release.