DEVINE Spirits: Beyond the Barcart

While we are big, huge, enormous proponents of using DEVINE whisky, gin, honey 'rum', and brandy in your favourite cocktails... did you know you can also bring DEVINE into the kitchen and whip up some fantastic dishes with your favourite craft spirits? All those fantastic grains + botanicals that make our spirits excellent cocktail bases can lend some dynamic flavouring for food dishes too.

Here are just a few ideas on how to cook with DEVINE!

- Get saucy!

Experiment with adding a tipple of Black Bear Spiced Honey Shine into your BBQ sauce. 

For those not afraid of a little 🔥, use any of our spirits to deglaze and add flavour to your pan sauce.

 - Ice Cream Topper

Use our Ancient Grains or Honey Shine to whip up a boozy fudge sauce or cook down our Sloe Gin with sugar + lemon for a delectable drizzle

- Pull out the ice cream maker!

For the homemade champions among us, flex your bartending and your ice cream making skills with a boozy ice cream. Serious Eats has some great tips and recipes. Paloma Ice Cream with Honey Shine Silver and Scotch Vanilla Bean with Glen Saanich could be our new favourite desserts!

- Baking with Black Bear

Black Bear Spiced Honey 'Rum' is popular with drinkers & bakers alike! With the infusion of whole baking spices and real vanilla beans, you are treated to a flavour bomb that lends perfectly to flavouring your cakes, icings, and other goodies. Try a classic 'Rum' Cake with DEVINE's Black Bear Spiced Honey 'Rum' and prepare to be amazed!


*FYI - according to testing done by the US Dept of Agriculture, it takes about 3 hours of cooking to eliminate all traces of alcohol, so most of these ideas would still contain trace amount of alcohol in the final product.