DEVINE Sip-porting Community

This February 10% of each bottle purchased here at DEVINE or from our Online Store, will be donated to a local charity chosen by our staff.

Throughout the year, our DEVINE team members will each have a chance to select a charity close to their heart for us to donate a portion of our sales. We are so excited to embark on this mission of giving back to our community and allowing our DEVINE team to be part of the process.

First up is Cassandra, and her pick is the 1 Up Single Parent Resource Centre

"As a parent who has relied on the "village" of my Victoria community and DEVINE family, I can appreciate the work of the 1Up Single Parent Resource Centre to support those families who need it most. I am proud of the community-minded ethos at DEVINE and the effort we make to source locally and sustainably, prioritizing the land and people that live & work here. The work that 1Up does in our community invests in a brighter future for our whole community, and I hope our donation is able to make a difference for those parents and families." ~ Cassandra Agate, Acting Director of Operations

Thank you in advance for any purchase you, our amazing customers, make this month to help us take our 'support local' movement to the next level!

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