Sloe 375ml

Sloe 375ml

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The Product

We've brought an old English tradition to Canada. A full-strength gin that’s tart but with a delicious richness and depth of flavour backed by a subtle berry sweetness.

The Process

We hand-pick local wild sloe berries and macerate them in our grape-based London Dry style gin.

Tasting Notes

A bounty of flavours dominated by dried fruits, black liquorice, candied orange, sugar plums, and lavender. Balanced by traditional gin botanicals of juniper and coriander, fresh spruce tips and white pepper.

How to Sip

Our Sloe Gin works beautifully warmed up or chilled out in these fantastic cocktail expressions - Carda-Mom, Where's the Gin? and Pillow Talk. Or keep it sophisticated & sparkly with a Sloe Royale

Recent Awards

Sloe Gin World Championships 2017 – Best Sloe Gin in Canada

See full list of awards here.